Privacy Policy

Tudor Bracelets privacy policy outlines the regulations and principles that apply to everything from consumer and business rights to the standards that both businesses and customers must abide by.

Who we are

Tudor Bracelets is a handcrafted jewellery company established in 2014.

What information do we require from you, why, and how will we utilize it?

The company will need important details like your name, address, phone number, email, and more in order to successfully place and send your order. The statistics are never given to a third party. Additional information may be required by the company in order to successfully track and send your item.


Cookies are stored on the computer’s hard drive by the internet browser. These cookies enable a customer-friendly experience by providing information about the shopping cart, previous purchases, and products of interest, among other things. Visit the advertising section of for further details on how to enable and disable cookies.

How will we use this data?

Your personal information is only used to fulfill orders, handle payments, and enhance the shopping experience. However, your information may be given to a relevant regulatory commission with the approval of a legal or fraud prevention agency.

We do not keep credit card details.

Your personal information may also be used by the company to update you on their most recent market developments. You can choose desirable categories to receive the most recent advertising updates of your choice in large segment companies. Last but not least, your personal information might be utilized to track customer preferences and requirements. This makes it easier for firms to identify their computer demands. Finally, in order to better understand visitors’ requirements and interests, personal information may also be used by third parties to determine client demands.
protecting your individual identity

Tudor Bracelets takes the necessary precautions to guarantee the safety, honesty, and profitability of each and every one of its clients. Your information is never given to other parties for their marketing campaigns.

Your approval

By accessing our website, participating in a competition here, buying one of our products there, or giving us your personal information there, you agree that your data will be treated in line with the terms of our privacy statement.

Tudor Bracelets is the “data controller” for the purposes of the Data Protection Act of 1998. Your information will not be released to third parties unless we are required or permitted to by law, subject to any third party disclosures clearly outlined in this policy. This applies to our partners and/or the other businesses in our group. The Data Protection Act of 1998’s requirements are followed in the secure storage of any personal information.

Third party web sites and services

When handling specific tasks required for the functioning of this website, Tudor Bracelets may occasionally employ the assistance of other parties. Certain submitted personal data is not accessible to the providers of such services.

Collection of Information

Information is collected from you primarily to make it simpler and more advantageous for you to utilize our website and services. You should be asked for information such as your name, email address, or details on what you enjoy and don’t like depending on the service you are accessing. Whether or not you respond to these questions is entirely up to you.


We must share certain components of your personal information with Klarna in order to be able to offer you their payment choices, such as contact and order information, so that they can confirm your eligibility for their payment options and customize the charge.

Your personal information is processed in compliance with applicable data protection laws and Klarna’s privacy statement.

The Insertion Order and the Terms and Conditions represent the full Agreement of the Parties.

The Client agrees to post a privacy statement explaining on its websites that third parties have the right to send their own cookies to visitors’ cookie files as well as place cookies on their browsers or use similar monitoring techniques (such as advertising IDs in environments where cookies are not supported).
In accordance with the Data Protection Regulation, the Client’s workers have a right of access, rectification, and deletion to the personal information that has been collected solely for the purpose of providing the service. You can exercise these rights by writing to

Changes in the ownership and control of businesses

Tudor Bracelets may occasionally expand or contract our business, which may also entail selling or giving up control of all or a portion of Tudor Bracelets. When a part of our business is sold or otherwise transferred, any data provided by customers is transferred along with that part of the business in question, and under the terms of this privacy statement, the new owner or newly controlling party is authorized to use the data for the same purposes for which it was originally provided to us.

Use of anonymous data

Tudor Bracelets automatically collects anonymous information to track how often and how many people use our website. Your web protocol address, the date and time of your visit to our site, the pages you have browsed, the files you have downloaded, and the type of browser you were using, for instance, may all be logged for statistical purposes.

No selling of personal data

Under no circumstances will Tudor Bracelets will set your personal information for sale.


You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any private information, including your passwords. Every time you use the internet, exercise caution.


Tudor Bracelets runs safe data networks that are intended to protect your security and privacy. We promise to protect your personal information as best we can. However, sending information over the Internet is not completely secure, so you do so at your own risk. Your data transmission to the website cannot be guaranteed to be secure by us.

Correction and Access

Your data’s security is extremely important to us. Nobody else has access to or can change the information we have collected about you. We take every precaution to ensure that data is stored securely both online and offline.


Any rights you have under this privacy statement cannot be transferred to another party. When we reasonably believe your rights won’t be harmed, we may transfer our rights under this privacy policy. English law is used to interpret and govern this privacy statement. The English courts have sole jurisdiction over any disputes relating to this privacy policy.

Tudor Bracelets can be reached via email at

Concerns regarding privacy

Please contact Tudor Bracelets if you have any issues with online privacy on any of our websites. We will investigate all concerns, even though Tudor Bracelets disclaims all responsibility for any content or links provided to the service.

Adaptations to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change or update this privacy policy at any time. When that happens, we will update the privacy policy and post it on our website. In order to keep updated about how we are protecting your personal information, we recommend you to review this privacy policy on a regular basis.